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Food: Sunday is Funday

Usually i don’t bake, i more the cooking type. BUt it seems that waffles are something in betweetn because they turned out pretty yummy yesterday. I prepared a little coffee table for my friend and we only had one leftover piece. After the click i want to share the receipe with you. Sinday is perfect … Food: Sunday is Funday weiterlesen

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Delicious: rocket salad

Tasty (receipe after the click)rocket saladred onionsheap cheeseavocado+++honey-mustard-balsamic sauce+++gratinate the cheese with honey+++yummirucolarote ZwiebelnAvocadoSchafskäse+++Balsamico-senf-honig soße+++Schafskäse mit Honig gratinierenAvocado und Zwiebeln in den Salat mischen+++Lecker lecker yummi

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