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  • I think it’s official and fall is here 🍂
  • [anzeige] First day of Oktoberfest with @julia.breuing was fun 🍻it’s a Tradition we have with a group of Friends since 10 years, even before we moved to Munich we always went on the first Saturday and had the same table. Oktoberfest was kind of my first real Munich experience before anything else 🤗🤗
  • O‘zapft is! #wiesn2018
  • [Anzeige] Being a diva by the pool 💃🏼 Tomorrow the Oktoberfest 2018 starts and it’s always a time of the year when I wonder where the time went. It always means that my birthday is so close and then it’s nearly Christmas and New Years. Who has the same thoughts? But no matter what, I’m excited for the ‚Oktoberfest‘ fun 🍻 #travelix #oktoberfest2018
  • [anzeige] Yesterday’s outfit ✨So many tourists ask me to take pictures of them while shooting this look 😅 maybe because of the bright colors or my bright smile 🤷🏼‍♀️😃the first fall days are by far my favorite fashion season. Swipe right to see a unstaged ‚out of camera‘ shot. No edit and a real smile 😊 (specially for my parents who always complain about too posed pictures 😅)
  • [anzeige] Into the blue. Some last bits and bites from Greece last week 💦 I already started to prepare a huge guide about our time on the islands sifnos & serifos. Greece is perfect for some island hopping and hopefully you get inspired to visit also some less famous islands besides Mykonos and Santorini. Have you been to a Greek island before? And if yes, which one? Happy Hump day ✨ #Travelix

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Trendspotting: Co-Ords
*Anzeige – Artikel enthält Affiliate-links Ich liebe Co-Ords und Sets bereits seit Jahren. Leider war es in der Vergangenheit...